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During the first lockdown of the Covid19-pandemic I turned to a project I hold very dear, my first children's book "Like a Bird“ (German title: "Rosa & Karacho. Oder zum Fliegen braucht es M/Wut“), which I had started many years ago, but hadn’t been able to finish alongside my painting and my art courses for children and adults. Appropriate at a time when fears can quickly get out of hand and solidarity is more important than ever (and a little humor shouldn't be missing, especially when it comes to children) „Like a Bird“ tells - on the basis of 15 handmade collages - the story of young bird, who is afraid of heights and thus unable to fly. The bird’s faith changes when he meetsa little chick, who is obsessed with flying and whose breakneck flying lessons unwillingly help the bird to develop the couRage to fly. Thus, next to many other topics, the book deals with the fear of realizing one's own dreams and overcoming this fear through friendship but also through self-empowerment.

The story of „Lika a Bird“ was born out of my reading of the Yiddish poem/song  "Oyfn Veg shteyt a Boim" - אױפן װעג שטײט א בױם by Itsik Manger (1901-1969), which tells the story of a boy who wants to become a bird, but is prevented from this endeavor by his mother's worries and concerns. My story can be read in many ways as an adaptation and continuation of this story, which took on a new meaning after World War II and the Shoah.  

Award-winning composer and musician Alex Paxton wrote the text for the book and gave it its title “Like a Bird”. Listen here to Alex reading of the book.