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“Kunstraum Kokon”

Free painting and crafting offers children the opportunity to develop and implement their own ideas, far from evaluation and competition. The unique experience when thoughts take shape through your own actions not only strengthens self-confidence, it also goes hand in hand with concentrated work, sharpened perception and focused attention. The experiences at the “Kunstraum Kokon” have a profound stabilizing effect, especially for children with social difficulties and/or traumatic experiences. This applies in particular to children who have experienced migration and flight, who have often experienced a series of traumatizing situations and are also exposed to a whole range of stressful factors in the country of arrival. As the psychoanalyst Hans Keilson (1909-2011) found in his study of "sequential traumatization in children", the mental health of the child and its social integration not only depends on the severity of the traumatic experiences, but also and above all on the care and emotional support received after the immediate threat is over.

The project “Kunstraum Kokon” starts here by using the potential of artistic articulations to support children with migration and flight experience and their companions. As part of the project, studio spaces were made available free of charge for children aged 3-12 who had experienced migration and flight. At the same time, the art space offers initiatives that work with migrants and refugees the opportunity to exchange ideas and give their own topics creative space.

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E-Mail: aviva.kaminer@gmail.com
This project was funded by the Partnerschaft für Demokratie